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Stair treads

General Introduction:

Stair treads are machined from steel grating ( a kind of metal product with a welded square opening structure ) .The surface of the product is generally hot galvanized, electro galvanized.

 SteelGrating Stair treads types:

( 1 ) According to the installation ofstair treads, it can be divided into two types: Welded stairs steel grating andbolt fixing pedal stair treads. For bolt fixing stair tread, an additional flatsteel bar of 65X5mm will be installed as a side protection.

( 2 ) According to the non-slipping demand,the steel grating stair tread can be divided into two types: stair treads withfront protection sheet ( checkered plate or bars ), steel grating treads with nofront sheet. For security reasons , we recommend that customers use steelgrating stair treads with checkered plate nosing protection.

Steelgrating stair uses:
Steel grating tread plate is mainly used forindustrial platforms, ladders pedal , railings, channel floor, railway bridgeside road , aerial tower platform , gutter covers, manhole covers , roadgrille, parking lots , offices, schools, factories, enterprises, stadiums,garden villas fences. It can also be used as balcony guardrail, highway,railway fence.

 GratingType Stair treads features:

 Material savings: Using of steel gratingtread plate can reduce the material of supporting structure.

Reduce investment: saving materials, thelabor.
Construction is simple: Bolt or welded fixed on the pre-installed support, easyto complete.

Reducing air resistance.

Design simple: no small beam, simplestructure. 

stair treadsstair treads grating

Stair treads