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Trench cover

The trench cover made of steel grating canbe supplied with many sizes to be used for different span and loading demands.

 Materialsand Sizes of Trench Cover:

Flat steel: material is Q235A or stainless steel.The section of the flat steel can be plain, no-slippery serrated type andsection I type. Common specifications are 20mm×5mm、25mm×5mm、25mm×3mm、32mm×5mm、32mm×5mm、40mm×5mm、40mm×3mm、50mm×5mm、65mm×5mm、75mm×6mm、100mm×8mm、100mm×10mm and soon.

Cross Bar: Round or twisted square steel,square or hexagonal steel made of Q235A, or 304 stainless steel. Twisted squaresteel is made by the rod through drawing and twisting, the common specificationsare 5mm×5mm, 6mm×6mm, 8mm×8mm and so on.

Features of Gully or Trench Cover:

High strength, light structure;

Durable: Hot-dip zinc surface treatment offersvery good corrosion resistance to the steel grating trench covers.

Ventilation, lighting, cooling,explosion-proof, non-slip performance.

Optimized Draining Design: Water drainingarea amounts up to 83.3%, which is equal to twice of the cast iron product. Noaccumulation of dirt, rain, snow and water, self-cleaning, easy to maintain.

Anti-thief gully cover, the angle frame iscast in reinforced concrete, and then put steel grating into the angle frame.

High Strength: Much higher strength andductility than cast iron and applicable to environments of large span and heavyload such as docks and airports, etc.

VariousTypes: The grating type trench or gully cover can meet different environment,load, span and shape requirements, and can be customized based on provided sizeand shape.

Trench covergully coverheavy duty trench cover

Trench cover