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Compound Steel Bar Grating

1, Compound Steel Grating profile:

This steel grating is a certain combination of checkered steel plate andgrating bonding together to form a sheet. Another type of compound grating iswelded with steel mesh or expanded metal in the front or bottom side. This typeof compound opening sheet can be used in warehouse to keep mouse out or smallitems falling.

 2, Common Specifications:

It can be made with different steel thickness and grating patterns. Themost commonly used steel grating is G323/40/100 as base plate. The compoundsteel grating tread plate is 3mm thick, it can be 4mm, 5mm or 6mm plate.

3, Features:

Compound Steel Bar Grating has high strength, light structure, corrosionresistance, durable and beautiful appearance.

 Terminology of Compound Steel Grating

• Loading flat steel: Majormaterial of the grating. Both sides upon the steel beam.

• Crossing bar or twisted bar:Steel rod twisted in square section pressed into the bearing flat bar. Forfixing of flat steel bar.
 • Edging plate: Theflat steel bar with the same section of the bearing or loading steel, welded tothe side of the bearing bar to form a edge.

• Grating orientation: The flatbar arranged along the loading direction for the direction of grating.

• LB: The abbreviation of theloading bar. This is the overall size along the direction of the loading bar. (forexample: 995x1200LB), and Other sizes distinguish.

 Packaging form of Compound Steel Grating:

• Normal packaging methods:

1. Wood packing

2. Wire bundle

3. Iron belt packing

4. Packingaccording to customer requirements

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