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Howis Galvanized Steel Grating Made?

Hot dip galvanized steel grating is made offlat bearing steel and bars lined with certain distances and openingstructures. The original plate panel is welded on the high-pressure-resistancewelding machine, then going through cutting, incision, opening, edging andother deep processing to become the finished steel grating products according tocustomer requirements.

Hotdip Galvanized Steel Grating Types According to Processing, Surface Differences:

Hot dip galvanized steel grating can bedivided into two types according to processing: pressure welding galvanizedsteel grating and pressing lock galvanized steel grating.
According to surface shapes, galvanized steel grating can be divided into fourtypes:
the serrated surface galvanized steel grating, planar type hot dip galvanizedsteel grating, I type and composite galvanized steel grating .

 GalvanisedGrating Classification:

1, Common hot- dip galvanized grating:
After the flat steel bar grooving, then the lock pressure molding. The maximumworking height of galvanised steel grating plate is 100mm. Grating length isusually less than 2000mmm.
2, The overall hot- dip galvanizedgrating:
Bearing flat bar and cross bar has the same height while the notch depth is1/2 of the bearer flat steel. The grating height is maximum 100mm. Gratinglength is usually less than 2000mm.
3 , Special Shade -type hot galvanized steelgrating:
Flat bearing steel bar has an opening chute of 30 ° or 45 °. The grooveforming is the lock lever pressed flat slotted. Depending on the needs, variousspacing, size can be made. Materials can be carbon , stainless steel, aluminumand other materials. This type of steel grating height is less than 100mm.
4 , Heavy duty galvanized grating:
The flat bar and crossing bars bite each other at 1200 tons of pressurecompression molding. This type of Hot dipped Galvanized Steel Grating is appliedto the big span and heavy loading projects.

Identification method:
How to mark and identify the hot dipped galvanized steel grating products?
 ( 1 ) Hot-dip galvanized steelgrating flat bar center spacing: Marked according to Series : Series 1 is 30mm;Series 2 is 40mm; Series 3 is 60mm.

( 2 ) Hot dip galvanized steel grating crossingbar center spacing : Series 1 is 100mm, Series 2 is 50mm.. Other specificationscan be customized.

( 3 ) Hot-dip galvanized steel grating flatsteel: Material is Q235A or stainless steel. Common type of flat , non-slip serratedand section I type. Common specifications: 20 * 5, 25 * 5, 25 * 3, 32 * 5, 30 *5, 40 * 5, 40 * 3, 50 * 5, 65 * 5, 75 * 6, 100 * 8, 100 * 10 and so on.

( 4 ) Identification of Crossing Bar for Hot-dipgalvanized steel grating: Materials are Q235A or 304 stainless steel bar,twisted steel, square steel or hexagonal steel. Twisted square steel bar ismade with steel rod drawing out of square mold, the common specifications fortwisted square bars are 5 * 5,6 * 6,8 * 8mm and so on.

 Featuresand Benefits:

Saving material: Steel grating is the mosteconomic bearing structure  under thesame load conditions, and accordingly, using of it can reduce the material ofthe support structure also.

Reduce investment: Saving materials, labor,provincial period. Free from cleaning and maintenance .

Construction is simple: One person caninstall and fix the steel grating in the pre-installed bearing structure with boltsor welded fixing.

Save period: No on-site reprocessing,installation is very fast.

Durable: With hot-dip zinc corrosiontreatment. Great resistance against shocking and heavy loading.

Modern style: Designed with good appearance,air and light going through, giving the overall contemporary feeling.

Light Structure: Less material, lightstructure, and easy lifting.

Against contamination Design: noaccumulation of rain, snow and dust.

Reduce wind resistance: Due to goodventilation, it has less wind resistance and reduce wind damage.

Design is simple: No small beams needed,simple structure, designed to simplify; no grating design details needed, youcan only specify the model, we can design grating diagram.

Galvanized steel grating also has Goodventilation, lighting, heat, explosion, anti-skid properties. It has also goodacid corrosion resistance: in the range of PH 6 to PH 12.5. The zinc layer onthe surface forms a stable protective film and offers good corrosion resistance.


Hot dip galvanized steel gratingcharacteristics: high strength, light structure: strong bonding grid structureso that it has a high loading, the structure is light, easy lifting and othercharacteristics.

 With above characteristics, hot dipgalvanized steel grating is widely used in petrochemical, power plants, waterplants, sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering, environmentalengineering and other areas, walkways , bridge, ditch cover, covers, ladders ,fences, etc.

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