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Common Inspection Methods of Hot dip Galvanized Steel Grating

Here, S.K.G provides some information to help our customers to identify good and reliable quality galvanized steel grating products. Using some simple detection methods when you purchase steel grating, from product shape, size, packaging, trademarks, you can distinguish the genuine products. 

First, Check the shape of the steel grating: Mainly check the flatness of steel grating surface. 

Second, Check the Sizes: Inspect the steel grating size and see whether the deviation should be consistent with international standards and the relevant provisions of the contract. 

Packaging and trademarks detection: Hot dip galvanized steel grating products are generally packaged using steel belt, the weight of each bundle products mutually agreed by the customer and the factory. On the exterior package of the products, it should be affixed with the factory mark (or the factory code), steel grating type, such as the production and use of standard steel grating. Product quality certificate should be delivered to the customer together with the packed grating product, specified with model specifications, product standards, instructions and other raw materials.

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