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Plug Steel Grating

Plug Steel Grating is made of certain size Carbonflat steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum slotted, going through plugging,welding and finishing processes. Plugsteel grating has high strength compared with the ordinary steel grating.It is maintenance-free, with uniform and unique combination of precisionstructure.

 PlugType Steel Grating can be divided into four categories: Plug metal grating can be pressinserting in different ways and different angles, it can be divided into pressedsteel grating, heavy duty steel grating, overall steel grating, steel latticepanels.

Features and Uses:

Plug steel gratings have solid solderjoint, uniform pitch, smooth surface, the aesthetic design, lightweight,high-strength, free maintenance and many other features. This type of steelgrating panel is widely used in residential and commercial buildings, theaters,metro, suburban railway and other municipal engineering as ceiling metals,interior and exterior renovation and decoration materials, platform aisle,ventilation windows (wells), advertising plaque, drain cover, stair treads,pool cover, a variety of covering and flooring panels.

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Plug Steel Grating