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Serrated steel grating

Serratedsteel grating is welded with flat steel bars withone serrated surface. Beside the general characteristics of common steelgrating, serrated steel grating has a strong anti-skid capability, suitable especiallyfor wet, slippery areas and offshore oil platforms.

 Serrated steel grating has commonly hot dipgalvanized surface treatment. This surface offers a strong anti-rustingproperty to the serrated grating panels.

Serratedsteel grating can be used as a drain cover and canbe hinge connected with the frame offering more security, safety, and it is easyto open.

 Serrated steel grating panels are made of high strength carbon steel with high strength. The strength and toughness of the high carbon steel serratedgrating is much higher than cast iron grating covers. It can be used for constructionof airports and other large-span and heavy load conditions. This product has alarge spacing with the best drainage. The leakage area is 83.3 percent, twice morethan the cast iron grating. This type of steel grating has big span, simple outlinesand can save material. 

Material Composition of Serrated Steel Grating:

There are four types of major materialtypes for making of serrated gratings.
First, Common Flat Steel: The material is Q235 steel. Generally common modelsare 253, 255, 303, 305,323,325,403,404 405,503,505,605,705 and otherspecifications. We use mainly flat steel through slitting and cutting.
Second, serrated steel: Models similar with common steel bars. The only differenceis that it has one teeth side. Mainly used for anti-slipping surface.

Thirdly, I type steel: Thick plate at bothsides while the middle part is thin.
The fourth material is twisted steel or twisted square steel. Generally 5x5 6x68x8 square steel, twisted steel bar.

SerratedSteel Grating Series Types (according to spacing mainly):

Series1 (spacing 30mm) serrated steel grating is the mostcommon type, used throughout the various industrial fields. The center distanceof the loading flat steel bar is 30mm meeting the USA Standard. Among theentire steel grating series products, this 30 mm steel grating has the maximumstrength against surface shocking. It is widely used in power plants,refineries, sewage treatment plants, silos, chemical plants, highways, airportsand container terminal platforms, walkways and gutter covers, stair treads andso on. Serrated steel grating can be used for wet, slippery places, especiallyfor offshore oil platforms.

Series2 (40mm spacing) steel grating is the mosteconomical and lightweight, made in accordance with British standards for fixedplatforms, walkways and stairs specifications. This is the ideal product for smallspan occasions, even in the transportation equipment aisle. It can also be usedfor warehouse shelves, pavilion panels, bridge, protective fence, sun screensand so on. 

Series3 (pitch or spacing 60mm) flat or serrated steel grating is designed specifically for the application and development of themining industry. It solves the problem of mineral splash falling on the plate surface.This series of steel grating has a nominal size of 50 * 60mm space to allowmost of the spilled material, thus ensuring a clean and safe plate surface. 60mm Spacing steel grating product is often specified for use in the brokensystem board, transmission line corridors and the ball mill, processing plantand operation stations.


Serrated steel grating is widely used variousfields of petroleum, chemical industry, port, power, transportation, paper,pharmaceutical, steel, food, municipal, real estate, manufacturing and so on. 

Serrated bar gratingSerrated steel gratingSerrated steel bar grating

Serrated steel grating