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Stainless steel grating

StainlessSteel Grating Panels can be supplied into over 200types with different surface treatment to suit various working conditions.

Material : 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel plate.

 Stainlesssteel grating purposes:

Stainless steel grating is widely used infood processing, shipbuilding, petrochemical, sewage treatment plants, chemicalplants, oil refineries, steel mills, machinery factories, shipyards, cement,pharmaceuticals, bridge engineering, municipal engineering projects. Applied invarious factories and projects and other environments that require highcorrosion resistance property. Stainless steel grating has selections ofsurface treatment methods like carbon steel gratings, including: sour whitesurface treatment , passivation, polishing, shot blasting , sandblasting , etc.

 Stainlesssteel grating production process: Two Processing Types: Mechanical welding andhand-made welding.

Mechanical Pressure Welding: It is made with high-voltageresistance pressure welding machine. The welding robot will automatically placethe cross bars on the flat bars, evenly through strong welding power and fluidpressure into the flat steel bar. The bonding joints have high stability andstrength.
The hand-made welded steel grating processing: First punch in the flat bar, andthen put the cross rod into the hole for spot welding. There will be a gapbetween the flat bar and the cross rod, but each contact points can be welded, toachieve equivalent melt connection of the flat bar and twisted steel rod. Thewelding will be more firmly, the strength will be improved. Compared with theautomatic welding steel grating, hand-made welded stainless steel grating isless beautiful in the appearance.

stainless gratingstainless steel grating
Stainless steel grating