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Factors affecting the life of galvanized steel grating

Steel grating surface treatment is generally divided into rust spray, electro-galvanized, hot galvanized, while galvanized surface treatment method has the best anti-corrosion effect. Here S.K.G introduce some external factors affecting galvanized steel grating life.

In fact, hot dip galvanized steel grating has a long life in high-quality external environment, such as in a dry field, its life span can reach seventy to eighty years. Under natural environment in general, its life expectancy is forty to 50 years. In relatively strong acid and alkaline industrial environments, its life expectancy is two to three decades. From the above example, we can see that the life of hot dip galvanized steel grating is mainly affected by two external factors:air humidity and pH value. 

Environment to Ensure normal life of40-50 years for the galvanized steel grating: 
Just to ensure galvanized steel grating is not in too humid environments; about pH environment, the acidity is generally more than PH6, alkalinity less than PH12. In above or similar environment, hot dip galvanized steel grating can beused for forty or fifty years. As long as the outside factor vary greatly from above environment, the corrosion resistance of zinc coating will rapidly decline.

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