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Welded Steel Grating

Welded steel grating has two types:Pressure bonding and pressure locked. The pressure welded steel grating hashigh strength, good light structure, beautiful appearance, durability,ventilation, and non-slip performance. The welded steel structure allows noaccumulation of dirt, snow or water. It is, self-cleaning and easy maintenance.

 PressureWelding Steel Grating technical parameters:

1. Materials of Flat-rolled steel: high quality low carbon steel, stainlesssteel, aluminum alloy steel.

Materials of Cross Bar: Q235A or optional304 stainless steel twisted steel, square steel, round steel, flat steel.

2: Flat Bar Surface Shape: flat, serrated,I -shaped, toothed.

3: Flat Bar Specification:

① Plane Flat Bar Specification:

a Thickness: commonly 3mm and 5mm;

b Height: commonly 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 40mm,45mm, 50mm, 60mm and so on.

① I -shaped Flat Bar Specification:

a, Thickness of both ends: 5mm;

b, Thickness of the center: 3mm;

c, Height: commonly 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 44mm,50mm and so on

 Pressurelocked steel grating technical parameters:

The crossing bar of standard pressure locksteel grating bar is usually 20 × 5mm flat steel ( or other specifications ) ,pushed by strong pressure into the bearing flat steel. The jointing spotsbetween flat steel bars are locked by the pressing force yielded throughdeformation. The steel bar can be made of ordinary steel, aluminum or stainlesssteel.

Pressure Locked Steel Grating Type: Totalfour types: ordinary type, the integral type, shade -type , heavy-duty.

1. Common Type:

① After bearing flat steel bar grooving, the crossing flat steel barpressure locked.

② Ordinary steel grating maximum working height: 100mm.

③ Steel grating length is usually less than 2000mm.

2. Integral Type:

① Flat bearing flat steel bar and crossing bars have the same height,grooving depth is 1/2 of that of bearing flat bar.

② Steel grating panel height: max. 100mm.

③ Steel grating panel length is usually less than 2000mm.

3. Shading Type:

① Flat bearing bar grooving at 30°or 45°, thenpressure locked.

② Other spacing and specifications according to different needs.

③ Grating panel height is less than 100mm.

4. Heavy Loading Type:

② The bearing flat steel bar and the crossing bar pressure lockedunder pressure of 1200 tons.

② Suitable for big span heavy loading applications.

 Application: Welded Steel Grating is used as platforms, flooring panels, walkways,bridge ditch cover, ladders, fencing and stepping boards.

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